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If you’re after a design that looks as good tomorrow as it does today then opting for a timeless style will alleviate those worries. At its core, functionality plays a key role in timeless interiors that translates into a cohesive and built-in space. Timeless design has real staying power and opts to bypass trends and fads in favour of creating balance and order.

Natural materials are best.
Central to the timeless style are the materials that you use in the space and this is no different when it comes to designing your bathroom. Materials in their natural state will add warmth and character and provide a platform on which you can then introduce smaller decorative pieces to enhance the individuality of the space. Materials such as timber and stone will age gracefully and keep the space looking fresh for years to come.

Neutrals rock.
When it comes to choosing the base palette of colours and materials, neutrals will be your go-to. Combining natural materials with neutrals will keep the bathroom in style and ensure it doesn’t age quickly, but rather, gracefully. This doesn’t mean you’re opting for a boring bathroom of plain white tiles. In fact, layering interest through textures or subtle patterns, created either through the type of tile you choose or the way in which tiles are laid, will add character to the space. The same can be achieved by using a feature wall tile on one wall. You’ll want the grout to match quite closely with the tile colour to blend and provide texture rather than hard lines. When it comes to the basins and baths opt for those that are matt and textural rather than shiny and organic shapes as opposed to straight lines.

Tone in your tapware.
To continue the layering, choosing tapware that has an aged patina will remove the sparkle that comes from traditional chrome. Because by its very nature bathrooms can often be linear you might think about adding subtle organic curves to the space through the tapware to soften the overall look. Once you’ve chosen a product line, see this through to all other fittings such as the towel rails, toilet roll holder and robe hooks to bring cohesion to the bathroom.

Build in your functionality.
If you want the bathroom to have real staying power then building in as much functionality as you can is going to give you a win. Recess the shaving cabinets, wall mount the vanity, bring symmetry through wall sconces mounted either side of the shaving cabinet, add underfloor heating, include a shower niche and if space permits built-in additional storage for bulkier items like toilet paper or towels improves daily use, gives you a modern and gives your bathroom staying power.