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The dream of any designer is being given free reign by clients to go bold and get creative! Layering a well curated mix of materials is really the key to achieving a bold design that is both impactful and cohesive at the same time. You’ll want to have an eye for detail and the creativity to use materials in unusual applications because bold and creative goes way beyond choosing tiles, so get ready for some hard decisions!

Materials matter.
The number of materials you bring into the space is going to dictate the feel you’re creating. You can choose one outrageously amazing material, think a heavily veined maroon marble, and use this to add a depth of richness that oozes luxury or you can choose several materials and layer them to achieve the same result. If you opt for the second idea then take the stand-out material and take reference from this to choose the other materials and colour palette from this. If the budget allows you to use these materials throughout the entire bathroom then great! Otherwise, concentrate around the vanity area for the biggest impact.

Check your patterns.
If the above makes you feel a little faint – because that can be a little exxy! – there are other ways to achieve a bold and creative look. Layering is still the key here, it’s just applied in a different way. Coloured grout, patterned tiles, coloured concrete basins, coloured vanities, patterned wallpapers, overscaled mood lighting and the list goes on. Whatever you add to the design, it should add punch to the design. No wimps allowed here! If you go bold you have to go bold the whole way. There’s no halfway point if you want the design to look complete, cohesive and intentional. If the budget allows you to use your palette through the entire bathroom then great, otherwise concentrate on tiles and the vanity area.

Single colour.
An alternative to layering rich materials is to create a monotone space. Not one for the faint-hearted, think about having the tiles, tapware, basins and other joinery being custom coloured into a single colour. You can add subtlety through varying tones but you’ll want the colour choice to be obvious. Pastels and rich, deep colours alike will give you the bold and creative look you’re after. Crazy? Nay, bold!

Natural light into the bathroom immediately brightens and adds comfort to any bathroom. But what if you could look up into the night sky while bathing? Installing a skylight or fixed glass ceiling into the shower or over the bath elevates the design and creates a whole level of enchantment otherwise not experienced. The same can be said for a shower or bath area that protrudes out into a lush garden. Installed with discreet mood lighting of course! Or if privacy isn’t an issue, an oversized picture window to frame the bath is quite magical, and just think you might even spot a shooting star!

By Kathryn Trentini, Trentini Design