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Nothing “lifts” a house

more than a modern, luxury, designer bathroom. If yours is looking a bit tired or doesn’t quite meet your needs, the good news is you can fix it. Done right, it not only improves your own quality of life, it significantly increases the value of your home.

At Pacific Designer Bathrooms, each project is unique because each customer’s needs are different. Regardless of your budget, we’ll work with you to customise your bathroom just the way you want it, not the “standard” way everybody does it.

That’s not to say we won’t offer you some useful advice. Patrick’s experience is invaluable when it comes to optimising the balance between design and function so the space is properly utilised. He personally does the layout design and product selection with you to guarantee the ideal end result.

With Patrick’s knowledge and expertise, plus the skills of our hand-picked, fully qualified contractors, projects from small alterations to complete layout redesigns are delivered at the highest quality in the industry. Our reputation depends on it.

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Designer Bathrooms


There are bathrooms - you know, the place you go to wash your hands.

And then there is the designer bathroom. A sophisticated showpiece that oozes quality and craftsmanship. A room that inspires you to linger a little every time you go there.

And of course, a bathroom you’ll be proud to show off. Your friends and guests will be quietly envious of the bold, sleek luxury afforded by designer brands in an innovative layout.

Above all, it works. A well designed bathroom incorporates seamless functionality and efficiency. You still have to wash your hands after all!

Superior quality designer bathrooms - with the wow factor.

It’s what we do.

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Kitchens have a lot in common with bathrooms. Lots of bench space, designer tiles, hot and cold water from stylish tap fittings and awesome cabinet work. If the bathroom says "wow", then the kitchen has to say "yes, this is where I want to be!". Because it's beautiful and everything's just where it belongs - there's that functionality word again.

Yes, we do kitchens too.